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Compilation album by INXS
Released 1982
Recorded 1980-1982
Genre Rock
Length 50:36
Label Deluxe Records
Producer Richard Clapton
Duncan McGuire
INXS chronology
Underneath the Colours
Shabooh Shoobah

INXSIVE is an LP released by Australian rock band INXS on Deluxe Records in 1982 in Australia only. It features highlights from the band's first two albums, B-sides, and two single-only releases: "Simple Simon" and "The Loved One". The latter is a cover of a track by The Loved Ones; INXS later rerecorded this song and released it on the album Kick.
The album was released to complete the bands contract with DeLuxe as they moved to WEA and PolyGram in hopes of worldwide exposure.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Learn to Smile"
  2. "Wishy Washy"
  3. "Stay Young"
  4. "Prehistoria"
  5. "We Are the Vegetables"
  6. "Underneath the Colours"
  7. "The Loved One"
  8. "The Unloved One"
  9. "Simple Simon"
  10. "Fair Weather Ahead"
  11. "In Vain"
  12. "Big Go Go"
  13. "Lacavocal"
  14. "Just Keep Walking"