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INmusic Festival
Rokia Traoré with a guitar.jpg
Rokia Traoré performing in 2009.
Genre Rock, World, Electronic, Reggae, Folk, Hip Hop, Dance
Dates Late June (2–3 days)
Location(s) Lake Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia
Years active 2006–present

INmusic festival is Croatia's biggest international open-air festival. The festival is held annually in June in Zagreb and takes place on Youth Island (Croatian: Otok hrvatske mladeži) in the middle of Zagreb's Lake Jarun.

The festival was started in 2006 and is usually held over two or three days. It includes several genre-specific stages with internationally renowned indie rock, heavy metal and electronica artists. In 2008 The Times included INmusic among the top 20 European summer festivals.[1]


Obojeni Program perform in 2007
Tricky performing at the 2009 INmusic festival.
Anthrax performing in 2009
Lily Allen in 2009.
Arctic Monkeys in 2013.


The festival's first edition was held as "INmusic festival" 4–6 July 2006. It was organized by Multikultura, a non-governmental organisation, and held at Šalata.[2]


Second edition was held 27–28 August 2007. The festival acquired sponsorship by Vipnet, a mobile network operator, and was dubbed "Vip INmusic". Also, this was the first edition which took place at Jarun.[3]


Third edition, also titled "Vip INmusic", was held 3–4 June 2008 at Jarun.[4]


For the 2009 edition, held 24–25 June 2009 at Jarun, Vipnet's competitors T-Mobile took over as main sponsors and the festival was renamed "T-Mobile INmusic". Scottish band Franz Ferdinand made their second appearance at the event.[5]


Fifth edition was held 21–23 June 2010 at Jarun.[6]


The festival's sixth edition was held 21–22 June 2011.[7]


The festival's seventh edition was held 29–30 June 2012. The festival went back to its original name, "INmusic festival", as T-Mobile withdrew its sponsorship in early 2012.[8] INmusic festival was selected in the Top 50 World's best music festivals according to CNN International.


The festival's eighth edition was held from 24th till 26th of June 2013.

  • Headliners: Arctic Monkeys, Iggy & The Stooges
  • Also performed: Basement Jaxx, Bloc Party, Editors, NOFX, Airbourne, Stealing Sheep, A Toys Orchestra, Mile Me Deaf, Rangleklods, Conquering Lion, Dikta, Roger the Mascot
  • Local artists: Atheist Rap, Team Ghost, Dža ili Bu, S.A.R.S., Frenkie, Moveknowledgment, Pozdrav Azri, Gatuzo, Dosh Lee, She Loves Pablo, Radio Aktiv, Barbari, Antenat, Mašinko, Cherkezi United, D Elvis, B and the Boops, Achromatic Attic, Udriground


Ninth edition was held from 23rd till 25th of June 2014. Festival got even bigger by expanding its camp on the neighboring Island of Trešnjevka which was connected to the Island of Croatian Youth by a 100 meters long pontoon bridge.


The tenth edition of the festival is scheduled to be held between 22 and 24 June 2015.


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