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iPrint.com was a venture-backed start-up and one of the original e-commerce websites. Launched in 1996 by four co-founders, iPrint offered one of the first WYSIWYG design engines for the web. The company debuted on the NASDAQ [1](symbol IPRT) in March, 2000.


iPrint was started by four co-founders, Royal Farros, Dave Hodson, Mike Rubin and Letty Swank in May, 1996. The website went live for business on December 27, 1996.

iPrint started as one of the first companies in the The Enterprise Network (TEN)[2] startup incubator housed at NASA Ames in Mountain View, CA

The first institutional round of venture financing was led by Mark Dubovoy [3] of Leapfrog Ventures.[4]

The second round of investment was led by Deepak Kamra [5] of Canaan Ventures[6] and Intel Ventures [7] which closed March, 1998


iPrint.com was awarded the honor for Business Excellence by Webmaster Magazine, August 1997 [8]

In computing, iPrint, a technology developed by Novell, allows users to install printer-drivers from a web browser and to submit print jobs over the Internet or a local network through the standard Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

Although the iPrint system uses a Novell-based infrastructure, desktop users require only an iPrint client. Common desktop operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac support iPrint.