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IQMS is a privately held, global software company based in Paso Robles, California.[1] The company develops and markets, EnterpriseIQ, a winner of a Stevie award as the Best New Product of the Year—Manufacturing,[2] for its EnterpriseIQ 7.8.1., a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) program for the manufacturing industry.[3]

Targeted toward small to mid-sized companies in the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods and other manufacturing markets,[4] EnterpriseIQ is designed to offer comprehensive, real-time information for every level of an organization, including:[5]

IQMS differentiates itself from other ERP competitors because it is one of the only comprehensive ERP vendors on the market. All technical support, implementation staff, marketing and development are in-house, with no third party providers, resellers or outside installation teams. The company also encourages development suggestions and software changes through its collaboration website.[9]


IQMS founder, Randy Flamm, began his career in 1973 as a maintenance engineer at a northern California molding facility. Frustrated by the lack of commercially available software targeted toward the needs of his specific industry, Flamm set out to develop a software system that could completely solve the needs of the manufacturing industry. IQMS became incorporated in 1989 with the launch of IQGenesis, Flamm’s DOS-based line of manufacturing and accounting modules.[10]

In 1993, IQMS introduced a fully embedded machine monitoring system designed to feed information from the work center to the ERP software. In 1997, IQMS updated its technology and released a windows-based version of the software called IQWin32. The year 1999 saw the latest change in IQMS' product name to the system users recognize today: EnterpriseIQ. IQMS has more than 600 customers in more than 2,000 facilities worldwide. IQMS' customer retention rate is more than 98 percent.[11]

Today, IQMS has approximately 200 employees across North America, Europe and Asia. The company has completed an expansion to its main company headquarters on the Central Coast of California. In addition to the award-winning[12] 30,000 square foot building IQMS previously occupied, this second 30,000 square foot occupies sales, marketing, training and eCommerce staff.[13]


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