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Is is the third-person singular present tense of the English language verb "to be", very frequently used as a copula (linguistics).

"IS", "I.S.", "Is", "is", or "i.s." may also refer to:


Language and philosophy[edit]

  • The prefix "is-", a form of "iso-" used before a vowel
  • The plural of various uses of "I" or "i"; see I (disambiguation)
  • "is" (plural "ises"), a fact or empirical state, with finite limits in space and time, in is-ought philosophy
  • "is", the ISO 639-1 alpha-2 code for the Icelandic language (Íslenska)
  • International Sign, a pidgin sign language
  • Is (rune) (ᛁ), a rune of the Anglo-Saxon fuþorc


  • "Is.", an abbreviation for "island" or "isle"
  • "IS", the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Iceland (Ísland)
  • "IS", the NATO country code for Israel
  • Is or Hit, an Iraqi town on the Euphrates River
  • Is or Ys (also Ker-Ys or Ville d'Issy), a mythical city of Brittany
  • Iaşi County, Romania, abbreviated IS in vehicle registrations
  • Independence Square (disambiguation), any of several public squares around the world
  • Inverness TMD, a railway station with depot code IS
  • Province of Isernia, Italy, abbreviated IS in vehicle registrations


  • Is (album), a 1969 studio album by jazz pianist Chick Corea
  • Is, a 2012 studio album by Canadian pop band Hey Ocean!

Film and literature[edit]


Mathematics, economics and statistics[edit]

Technology and computing[edit]

  • IS, an alternative abbreviation for the International System of Units (SI)
  • .is, the Internet country-code top-level domain for Iceland
  • Indian Standard, developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Image stabilization, a family of techniques to reduce blur caused by lens shakes
  • Information science, the study of data collection, manipulation, and dissemination
  • Information systems, organizations of data-processing persons, records, and activities
  • InstallShield, a software tool for creating software installers for Microsoft Windows
  • IntelliStar, a computer system used to display local forecasts on The Weather Channel
  • International Standard, a mounting standard for the calipers and rotors of disc-type bicycle brake systems
  • Internet slang, terms used on the Internet and in text and instant messages
  • Intrinsic safety, a protection technique for electronic equipment in explosive atmospheres
  • iS - internal section, a video game developed by Square
  • .is(), jQuery method to check the current matched set of elements against a selector, element, or jQuery object and return true if at least one of these elements matches the given arguments.

Organisations and individuals[edit]

Vehicles and weaponry[edit]