ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships

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The ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships was first held in Sweden in 1971 and it has been held every year since. It is one of the key events of the federation to help promote top-level youth participation.


Year Host Nation Location Number of Events Number of Competing Countries Number of Competitors Nations Cup Winner
1971 Flag of Sweden.svg Angelholm 2 16 82
1972 Flag of Germany.svg Travemünde 2 27 132
1973 Flag of Portugal.svg Troia, Setubal 2 26 86
1974 Flag of Spain.svg Palamos 25
1975 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Largs, Scotland 14
1976 Flag of Canada.svg Toronto 23
1977 Flag of France.svg Quiberon 21
1978 Flag of Australia.svg Perth 18
1979 Flag of Italy.svg Livorno 25
1980 Flag of the United States.svg Fort Worth, Texas 22
1981 Flag of Portugal.svg Sines 26
1982, Flag of Italy.svg Como 24
1983, Flag of New Zealand.svg Auckland 18
1984, Flag of the United States.svg San Diego, California 20
1984 Windsurfing, Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Cowes 21
1985, Flag of Switzerland.svg St. Moritz 28
1986, Flag of Greece.svg Porto Carras 30
1987, Flag of Australia.svg Botony Bay 20 Flag of .svg
1988 Flag of Spain.svg Barcelona 22
1989 Flag of Canada.svg 23
1990 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Muiden 32
1991 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Largs Scotland 32 Flag of France.svg
1992 Flag of Portugal.svg Villamoura 26 Flag of France.svg
1993 Flag of Italy.svg Lake Garda 39 Flag of Australia.svg
1994 Flag of Greece.svg Marathan 34 Flag of New Zealand.svg
1995 Flag of Bermuda.svg Hamilton 34 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
1996 Flag of the United States.svg Newport 41 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
1997 Flag of Japan.svg Fukuoka 42 Flag of France.svg
1998 Flag of South Africa.svg Cape Town 42 Flag of France.svg
1999 Flag of Finland.svg Kuopio 38 Flag of France.svg
2000 Flag of Australia.svg Sydney 37 Flag of France.svg
2001 Flag of France.svg Crozon-Morgat 48 Flag of France.svg
2002 Flag of Canada.svg Lunenburg 30 Flag of New Zealand.svg
2003 Flag of Portugal.svg Madeira 40 Flag of Australia.svg
2004 Flag of Poland.svg Gdynia 52 Flag of France.svg
2005 Flag of South Korea.svg Busan 28 Flag of France.svg
2006 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Weymouth 63 Flag of Italy.svg
2007 Flag of Canada.svg Kingston, Ontario 51 Flag of Australia.svg
2008 Flag of Denmark.svg Århus 58 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
2009 Flag of Brazil.svg Buzios 58 Flag of France.svg
2010 Flag of Turkey.svg Istanbul 8 59 331 Flag of France.svg
2011 Flag of Croatia.svg Zadar Flag of .svg
2012 Flag of Ireland.svg Dun Laoghaire Flag of .svg
2013 Flag of Cyprus.svg Limassol Flag of .svg
2014 Flag of Portugal.svg Tavira Flag of .svg
2015 Flag of Malaysia.svg Langkawi Flag of .svg
2016 Flag of Oman.svg Al Musannah Sports City Flag of .svg
2017 Flag of Israel.svg Akko Flag of .svg
2018 Flag of Namibia.svg Windhoek Flag of .svg

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