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I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again
Songs, in alphabetical order
Starring Tim Brooke-Taylor
John Cleese
Graeme Garden
David Hatch
Jo Kendall
Bill Oddie

ISIRTA songs are the songs, listed in alphabetical order, which were featured in episodes of the British comedy radio series I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again.

The songs were written by Bill Oddie - unless otherwise mentioned.



Aardvark, Ferret, Vulture[edit]

Baby Go To Sleep[edit]


Baby Samba[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie
  • Play:



Cactus In My Y-Fronts[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie (with Graeme Garden as the 'Yodelling Coyote')
  • Play: "Jack the Ripper"

Cricket Tranquiliser[edit]

Favourite Melody (Beethoven's Fifth)[edit]

The Ferret Song[edit]

The Ferrets of Old England[edit]

Ferry Across the Mersey[edit]

(Liverpudlian Love Song)

Hey There, You With the Tzar in Your Pies[edit]

I Love a Show (Footlights)[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie (and Gang)
  • Comments by Tim Brooke-Taylor and John Cleese
  • Spoon playing and tap dancing: John Cleese
  • Play: "The Curse of the Flying Wombat" - part 13

I Love Youooo[edit]


Identikit Gal[edit]

I'm Gonna Live[edit]

I'm Lenin on a Lamp-post at the Corner of the Street[edit]

In the Moonlight[edit]

(Portuguese Dictionary Song)

In the Old Bazaar in Cairo[edit]

  • sung by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie)

Play: "Search for the Nile"

Ironing My Goldfish[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie
  • Play:

It's Spring[edit]

I've Got the Hiccups[edit]

Joke Song[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie (with the other joke by John Cleese)
  • Play: "Othello"

Just One of Those Things[edit]

Keep Fit Class[edit]


Let There Be[edit]

Liverpool Girl[edit]

The Masochism Song[edit]

Magical Mystery Four: I Am the Milkman[edit]

(Beatles send-up)

Man's Best Friend - a Dog[edit]

Man's Best Friend - a Duck[edit]

Meet Me in the Churchyard, Nellie[edit]

My Baby's Become a Folk Singer[edit]

My Mom Has Lost My Dad[edit]

Nuclear Submarine[edit]

Police Constable Herbert Platt, Somerset Constabulary - Greatest Lawman of Them All[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie
  • P. C. Herbert Platt: John Cleese
  • Play: "Julius Caesar"

Protect My Honey On Her Journey: Send Her by Post[edit]

Recorded 'Live in Cabaret[edit]

(in the Cafe 'Ole')

  • Introduction by David Hatch
  • sung by Bill Oddie
  • Night Club Compere: Tim Brooke-Taylor
  • Recording Artist: Bill Oddie
  • The four Diners: John Cleese, David Hatch, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Jo Kendall
  • Play: "The Curse of the Flying Wombat" - part 5

Reminiscences (Nappy Days)[edit]

Repeat After Me[edit]

Rhubarb Tart[edit]

Rock With A Policeman[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie
  • Play:

She's Gone[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie (and Gang) - with comment by Jean Hart)
  • Play: "RAF Briefing"

The Ship Put to Sea in the Month of May[edit]

(Madrigal arrangement for four voices and Tim Brooke-Taylor)

Introduction by David Hatch

  • sung by David Hatch, Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden, Jo Kendall and Tim Brooke-Taylor
  • Play: "Julius Caesar"

Sick Man Blues[edit]

  • sung by Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor
  • Play: "Star Trek"

Something About Restaurant Food[edit]

Stop It, I Like It[edit]

Take It Off[edit]


Taking My Oyster For Walkies[edit]

  • Introduction by David Hatch
  • sung by Bill Oddie (and Gang)
  • Play: "Dentisti"

Telephone Directory[edit]

The Terrapin Song[edit]

Trio Los Banditos[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden
  • Chief Bandito (on guitar) - Graeme Garden
  • Jose (on bongo drums) - Tim Brooke-Taylor
  • Manuel (on maracas) - Bill Oddie
  • Play: "Incompetence"

Waiter, there's a Walrus in My Soup[edit]

  • Introduction by David Hatch
  • sung by Bill Oddie
  • Play: "Camelot"

Waiting for the London Bus (spiritual)[edit]

We're Going to a Football Match[edit]

What a Wonderful World[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie (a la Louis Armstrong)

(including tonsillectomy)

  • Concerned friends - Tim Brooke-Taylor and David Hatch
  • Doctor - John Cleese
  • Nurse - Jo Kendall
  • Play: "Macbeth"

When You Wish Upon a Star[edit]

  • sung by Bill Oddie and Jo Kendall
  • Play: "Star Trek"

When You Wish Upon a Tzar[edit]

Where Is My Smile[edit]

Why Can't the Animals[edit]

With a Girl Like You: Wild Things[edit]

Working on the Railroad[edit]

Yodelling Goatherd[edit]

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