Aka-Cari language

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Native to India
Region Andaman Islands
Extinct (date missing)
Great Andamanese
  • Northern
    • Cari
Language codes
ISO 639-3 aci
Glottolog akac1240[1]

The Cari (Kari) or Chariar language, Aka-Cari (Aka-Kari), is an extinct Great Andamanese language, of the Northern group, which was spoken by the Cari tribe of the Great Andamanese people.[2][3]

In the 19th century the Cari triibe lived on the north coast of North Andaman and on Landfall and other nearby small islands. By 1994 the tribe was reduced to two women aged over 50 living with the other few surviving Great Andamanese on Strait Island.[4]


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