Adzera language

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Region Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
Native speakers
ca. 30,000  (2000 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
adz – Adzera
zsu – Sukurum
zsa – Sarasira
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Adzera (also spelled Atzera, Azera, Atsera, Acira) is an Austronesian language spoken by about 30,000 people in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.



Front Back
High /i/ /u/
Low /ɑ/

The diphthongs /ɑi ɑu/ occur, while other sequences of vowels are split over two syllables.


Bilabial Labiodental Alveolar Postalveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Stop Plain p t k ʔ
Voiced b d ɡ
Prenasalized ᵐp ⁿt ᵑk ⁿʔ
Affricate Plain
Prenasalized ⁿtʃ
Nasal m n ŋ
Rhotic r
Fricative f s h
Approximant w j

/h/ occurs in only one word: the interjection hai "yes".

The prenasalized consonants tend to lose prenasalization initially and after consonants.

/tʃ ⁿtʃ/ are sometimes realized as [ts ⁿts], especially in codas.

Writing system[edit]

A a B b D d Dz dz F f G g H h I i K k M m Mp mp N n Nt nt
/ɑ/ /b/ /d/ /dʒ/ /f/ /ɡ/ /h/ /i/ /k/ /m/ /ᵐp/ /n/ /ⁿt/
Nts nts Ŋ ŋ Ŋk ŋk Ŋʼ ŋʼ P p R r S s T t Ts ts U u W w Y y ʼ
/ⁿtʃ/ /ŋ/ /ᵑk/ /ⁿʔ/ /p/ /r/ /s/ /t/ /tʃ/ /u/ /w/ /j/ /ʔ/

J, o and z are used in some loanwords and names.


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