Andoque language

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Native to Colombia
Native speakers
370  (2007)[1]
Bora–Witoto ?
  • Andoque
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ano
Glottolog ando1256[2]

The Andoque language is an aboriginal language spoken by a few hundred Andoque in Northern South America, and is in decline.[1]

In 2000, there were 610 speakers in the area of the Anduche River, downstream from Aracuara, Amazonas, Colombia; 50 were monolinguals. The language is no longer spoken in Peru. 80% of speakers are proficient in Spanish.

Genetic relations[edit]

Kaufman's (2007) Bora–Witótoan stock includes Andoque in the Witótoan family, but other linguists, such as Richard Aschmann, consider Andoque an isolate.


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  • Alain Fabre, 2005, Diccionario etnolingüístico y guía bibliográfica de los pueblos indígenas sudamericanos: ANDOKE[1]