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Native to Liberia, Ivory Coast
Native speakers
390,000  (2001)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-2 grb
ISO 639-3 grbinclusive code
Individual codes:
grj – Southern (incl. Jabo)
grv – Central
gbo – Northern
gec – Gboloo
gry – Barclayville

Grebo is a Kru language of Liberia. All of the Grebo languages commonly go by the term Grebo, though in Ivory Coast Krumen is usual. Grebo country is in the extreme south-west of Liberia on the coast and inland, between the rivers Cavally and Cess.[2]

As in other Kru languages, tone is extremely important. For instance, with a high (or high-mid) tone is the first-person pronoun "I", while with a low tone is "you" singular.[3]


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