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Industry Technology accessories
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Products Protection accessories

iSkin is a company based in Toronto, Ontario mostly known for its iPod cases, which it first released in 2002. iSkin has since produced a variety of other accessories such as headphones, Macintosh keyboard guards, and Sony PSP cases.

Nine months after the first version of the iPod hit the market, iSkin Inc. released its first silicone protector for the then new MP3 player.


iSkin markets most of its cases as "dual-layered" with an inner silicone layer and harder outer polycarbonate layer. They own the trademark "Si" to describe this "silicone-inside" design.[1]

iSkin's "Shuffle Duo" case, said to be the first "dual-layered" case for the iPod shuffle,[2] was awarded the Best iPod Shuffle Case of 2005 by iLounge.[3]

iSkin has recently focused on the outer appearance of their covers, releasing a variant that showcases illustrations from tokidoki founder Simone Legno. iSkin has also been noted for its glow-in-the-dark covers.[4]

The company has branched out to create covers for a wider variety of products, including "keyboard covers for virtually everything Apple".[5]

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