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iSpring Suite
Developer(s) iSpring Solutions
Stable release 6.2
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type eLearning software, Presentation software
License Shareware

iSpring Suite - is a Rapid E-Learning authoring toolkit for Microsoft Windows, that allows creating Flash-based e-learning courses with audio and video narrations, branched and randomized quizzes and surveys, interaction. It also offers the facility to add third party generated Flash movies and protection settings. The software generates the content compatible with SCORM/AICC[1][2] and has the options to publish courses specially for BlackBoard LMS.[3] The software makes it possible to save PowerPoint presentation as a solid SWF file, EXE file, HTML page and ZIP archive.


The history of iSpring Suite goes back to 2006 when the product Flashspring Pro [4] was released. It was a simple PowerPoint to Flash converter with free and commerce versions. Later on company released Flashspring Ultra [5] and creating courses compatible with SCORM became available. In 2008 FlashSpring was rebranded to iSpring. 2009 was the year when the company announced totally updated e-learning tool iSpring Presenter. This tool found market acceptance due to high quality of generated courses [6] at reasonable prices. In 2010 iSpring Presenter has won the Brandon Hall Gold Award for technology excellence in the Rapid Authoring category.[7] iSrping Suite was released in 2011 and it succeeds iSpring Presenter.[8][9] iSpring Suite 7.0 with the function of PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion is expected by the end of 2012 year.[10]

Tools Included[edit]

Actually, iSpring Suite is a set of standalone tools that can be used both separately and together.

iSpring Pro[edit]

The software is used to create SCORM compliant courses or online presentations in PowerPoint. It supports common PowerPoint features such as animation, transition effects and narration facilities,[11] and offers opportunities, that aren't provided by PowerPoint, such as publishing to LMSs, protection settings, narration manager, inserting quizzes generated by iSpring QuizMaker. There's a free version of iSpring Pro - iSpring Free which is also able to generate SCORM compliant courses,[12] however doesn't offer advanced options of iSpring Pro.

iSpring QuizMaker[edit]

It's a tool that allows creating Flash-based quizzes and surveys compliant with SCORM, using such advanced features as a branching scenario, learning metric controls, inserting in question slide audio, video, images and formulas, feedback customization, etc. In 2011 in got iSpring QuizMaker got the Bronze Medal in the Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation.[13] Free QuizMaker that provides all basic features of iSpring QuizMaker, and generates SCORM compliant courses is also available.[14]

iSpring Kinetics[edit]

iSpring Kinetics is a set of templates for creating interactions that can be used in e-learning authoring and provides such interactive templates as 3D book, FAQ, Directory and Timeline.

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