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ITC Global Career Certifications are VSAT professional certifications for satellite based telecommunication systems. There are currently two levels of certification: Installer, and Professional. The certifications are issued based on Objective Evidence-based Outcomes Training, and require demonstration of knowledge based on both practical and written assessments.

Technical certification[edit]

ITC Global Certified VSAT Installer (ICVI)[edit]

The first stage of ITC Global's certification system is the entry level and begins with ITC Global Certified VSAT Installer (ICVI) certification. The primary intention of ICVI is to ensure that an individual (regardless of other qualifications) has learned and demonstrated the specialised techniques necessary to site, install and commission a VSAT system to the required standard.

  • Satellite Terminal Fundamentals
  • Conduct of Site Surveys
  • Safety Considerations
  • Antenna Siting Considerations
  • Approved Assembly Techniques
  • Signal Acquisition Techniques
  • Commissioning Procedure
  • Documentation

Professional certification[edit]

ITC Global Certified VSAT Professional (ICVP)[edit]

Building on the practical focus of the ICVI certification, ICVP covers the gap between the traditional RF focus of VSAT systems, and the convergence with IT systems, specifically targeting IP networking fundamentals. Troubleshooting techniques and methodologies are also covered, as well as endorsements for specific equipment platforms, such as:

  • iDirect version 8.x
  • iDirect version (aka iDX
  • CDM-570, CDM-600 and CDM-625 based SCPC
  • 70MHz IF chains
  • L-band IF chains
  • Stabilised and tracking antenna platforms (Seatel 4006, 4009 and 6006 etc.) and OpenAMIP

Cognizant of the rapid evolution of satellite based systems, ICVP certifications must be renewed on a 3 yearly cycle, to ensure currency of certified personnel.

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