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iTheater icon
iTheater running on Mac OS X
Developer(s) The iTheater Group
Stable release 0.2.0 / 2007-07-14
Development status No longer active development
Written in Objective-C
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Media center
License GPL

iTheater: Mac Media Center, now obsolete, was an open source media center application for Mac OS X.

Active development and support of iTheater is no longer underway in lieu of other media application availability.

Before the release of Apple's own Front Row and the mass adoption of online video streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix, iTheater was one of the first pieces of third-party software to act as a conduit between users and the media on Mac OS X.

Project History[edit]

With the release of the Mac mini at MacWorld SF 2005, it became possible to keep a small computer, with a lot of power, in the living room to share the multimedia content created by Apple's "Digital Hub". iTheater is but one of a few non-Apple Macintosh media center applications over the years, and like most others has an interface that is very similar to Apple's own Front Row. The application was designed to discover and present an array of multimedia content in a user-friendly way.


iTheater was developed and released under the GNU General Public License. As of May 2009, the iTheater website redirects to their SourceForge repository. Active development and support is no longer underway in lieu of other media application availability.

Milestone Releases[edit]

iTheater Public Releases
Release Date Version Features
2006-01-31 iTheater 0.1 First public release
2006-02-19 iTheater 0.1.1 Bug fix release
2006-06-10 iTheater 0.1.2a New UI, New Playback engine, Numbered Menu System added to Music module
2006-08-25 iTheater 0.1.2 Apple Remote support, Letter Skipping
2007-02-03 iTheater 0.1.3 Preference Pane, Wii Remote support, Playlist Support
2007-04-15 iTheater 0.1.4 Expanded preferences, bug fixes, major rearchitecting of software to accommodate future enhancements
2007-07-14 iTheater 0.2.0 Update system and support for multiple monitors included

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