I Anixi

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Greece "I Anixi"
Eurovision Song Contest 1991 entry
Country Greece
Artist(s) Sophia Vossou
Language Greek
Composer(s) Andreas Mikroutsikos
Lyricist(s) Andreas Mikroutsikos
Conductor Haris Andreadis
Finals performance
Final result 13th
Final points 36
Appearance chronology
◄ "Horis Skopo" (1990)   
"Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida" (1992) ►

"I Anixi" (Greek script: "Η άνοιξη", English translation: "Spring") was the Greek entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, performed in Greek by Sophia Vossou.

The song was performed fourth on the night (following Malta's Georgina & Paul Giordimaina with "Could It Be" and preceding Switzerland's Sandra Simó with "Canzone per te"). For her performance, Vossou gave what is in retrospect one of the most professional and vocally sound performances of the night. However, the performance of the orchestra adversely affected the performance of the song, with the saxophonist in particular failing to correctly hit approximately half of the notes of his solo. At the close of voting, it had received 36 points, placing 13th in a field of 22. Despite this fact, it is considered to be one of the most successful Greek eurosongs.

The song is a rock opera/power ballad with jazz elements, with Vossou telling her lover that if they are together it will be as if spring has begun.

It was succeeded as Greek representative at the 1992 Contest by Cleopatra with "Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida". ("Όλου Tου Kόσμου H Eλπίδα" in Greek letters)