I Do (Lisa Loeb song)

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"I Do"
Single by Lisa Loeb
from the album Firecracker
Released 1997
Format CD single
Genre Pop
Length 3:41
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Lisa Loeb
Producer(s) Juan Patiño
Lisa Loeb singles chronology
"Waiting for Wednesday"
"I Do"
"Let's Forget About It"

"I Do" is a song by Lisa Loeb from her album Firecracker, recorded in 1997. The song is also featured on The Very Best of Lisa Loeb.

Lyrics and composition[edit]

On the surface, the song seems to be about "the realization that a person isn't right for you, that the relationship has gone bad".[1] However, the real intention of the song is quite different according to the liner notes for The Very Best of Lisa Loeb: "We were almost finished recording the album, Firecracker, and the record company told us that we still needed a single. I decided to write a song that sounded like a song about a relationship but was actually about the record company not 'hearing' a single on the record already. You can hear it in the lyrics, 'You can't hear it, but I do.' The song ended up being an expression of strength and power even when someone's not treating you right."


The song was warmly greeted by Billboard who called the melody and chorus "nothing short of pure pop bliss."[2] The single is Loeb's second most successful single in the U.S. to date, reaching number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single also peaked at #3 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart, #11 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart, #8 on Billboard's Top 40 Adult Recurrents chart, and #22 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.

Music video[edit]

In the music video, directed by Phil Harder, it shows scenes of Loeb in black and white singing on an upside-down microphone and also lies down on the feather floor (like in the album's cover) then in the singing studio. It even features paintings of her as well as the lyrics in some scenes (during Pop-up Video, the words would pop up in the same font as the words in the drawings, and the "I will" parts have the percentages).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Do"
  2. "Do You Sleep?" (live)
  3. "Jake" (alternate version)

Official Versions[edit]



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