I Don't Pay Movement

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I Don't Pay Movement
Κίνημα Δεν Πληρώνω
Founder Vasilis Papadopoulos
Founded 2012
Ideology Euroscepticism
Political position Far-left
Official site
Politics of Greece
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I Don't Pay Movement (Greek: Κίνημα Δεν Πληρώνω, Kínima den Pliróno) is a Greek political party founded in March 2012 by citizens who participated in the movement "I don't pay". It participated in the National Elections of May 2012 gained 0.9%.

The party proposes among other:

  • Remove all the country's toll stations - free roads for everyone
  • Remove all hike[clarification needed] which was imposed on citizens
  • Free heating for the unemployed, poor and large families
  • Free travel and free access to public transportation for all
  • Nationalization of banks under the control of the people

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