I Hadn't Anyone Till You

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"I Hadn't Anyone Till You" is a popular song written by Ray Noble in 1938.[1]

Tony Martin sang it with the Ray Noble band in 1938, reaching number four in the charts over a period of twelve weeks.

Hadda Brooks sang it in the 1950 film In A Lonely Place, in a scene where Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame attempt to listen to her.[2]

Alec Wilder wrote of the song, "It is a smooth, direct, slightly rhythmic ballad of no great range and unmistakably a song of its time, the late thirties. It makes a move in the second half of the B section (the design is A-B-A-C/A) into the key of A major from the parent key of F major, which adds that dash of color needed in a song of so direct and unpushy a nature. It is a song with both sophistication and a flavor of the past." [3]


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