I Love You Baby

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For the song, see Can't Take My Eyes Off You.
I Love You Baby
Directed by Alfonso Albacete
David Menkes
Produced by Alfonso Albacete
David Menkes
Francisco Ramos
Written by Alfonso Albacete
Lucía Etxebarria
David Menkes
Starring Jorge Sanz
Santiago Magill
Tiaré Scanda
Music by M.A. Collado
Paco Ortega
Cinematography Gonzalo F. Berridi
Edited by Miguel Ángel Santamaría
Distributed by Strand Releasing
20th Century Fox
Release date(s) October 26, 2001 (Spain)
August 4, 2002
Running time 110 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

I Love You Baby is a gay-themed romantic comedy from Spain released in 2001.

Plot summary[edit]

Marcos comes to Madrid to live with his aunt and uncle and work in their restaurant. He dreams of opening a restaurant of his own one day and of finding love. Love he finds in Daniel, a struggling young actor. The two quickly fall into a torrid relationship and Marcos moves in with Daniel. Their love is symbolized by a poster of Boy George that Marcos gives to Daniel, to commemorate where they first kissed (outside a shop where the poster was hanging).

One night the couple is at a karaoke bar and, while they sing a duet, Marcos is injured by a falling disco ball. When he awakens the next day, he is no longer in love with Daniel and has even seemingly become straight. Although he tries for a short time to maintain a relationship with Daniel, eventually he moves back in with his family. He meets Marisol, a Dominican immigrant, and they fall in love.

Desperate to win Marcos back, Daniel hatches a crazy scheme. He'll dress as a woman and win Marcos away from Marisol. His plan, inevitably, backfires and Daniel is humiliated.

The film ends several years in the future. Marcos and Daniel run into each other at an airport and catch up. Marcos has opened his own restaurant and he and Marisol are married with several children. Daniel has become a movie star and has also gotten a happy romantic ending, pointing out his new love - Boy George (in a cameo appearance as himself).


The plot device of a disco ball injury mirrors an incident that happened to Boy George in December, 1998, when a 62-pound ball fell from the ceiling of the Bournemouth International Centre, hitting him on the shoulder and knocking him down. George did not, however, become heterosexual as a result.

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DVD release[edit]

I Love You Baby was released on Region 1 DVD on August 26, 2003.


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