I Me Wed

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I Me Wed
I Me Wed FilmPoster.jpeg
Distributed by Muse Entertainment
Directed by Craig Pryce
Produced by Jesse Prupas
Written by Julie Sherman Wolfe
Starring Erica Durance
Paul Popowich
Cara Pifko
Music by "Everyone's Getting Married" Performed and written by Kat Goldman
Release date
  • July 29, 2007 (2007-07-29)

I Me Wed is a 2007 television romantic comedy film directed by Craig Pryce.


When Isabel Darden, a successful, attractive 30-year-old woman, grows tired of people asking her "when are you going to get married?," she decides to honor the person she loves the most by tying the knot with herself. But then she meets a man and falls in love. When the man, Collin, finds out, he wants her to put a stop to it and save it for his and her wedding someday in the future. Although she kind of wants to, she can't since she is already noticed by the media and inspiring women all over the world. This is the essential conflict of the entire film - what should she do? It is awful. But at the end when she is about to get married, she explains to everyone about how she wanted a simple ceremony in the park with a sundress. Then she runs out of the room and then comes back with casual clothes instead of the wedding dress that was given to her for free.

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