I Was Nineteen

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I Was Nineteen
Directed by Konrad Wolf
Produced by Herbert Ehler
Written by Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Konrad Wolf
Starring Jaecki Schwarz
Wassili Liwanow
Alexei Eiboschenko
Dieter Mann
Cinematography Werner Bergmann
Edited by Evelyn Carow
Release date(s) 1968
Country German Democratic Republic
Language German
Budget 2,077,000 East German Mark[1]

I Was Nineteen (German: Ich war neunzehn) is a DEFA production that tells the story of a young German, Gregor Hecker (Jaecki Schwarz), who fled the Nazis with his parents to Moscow and now, in early 1945, returns to Germany as a lieutenant in the Red Army. The film depicts the personal experiences of the director Konrad Wolf and of his friend Vladimir Gall in fictionalized form and deals with themes of the meaning of "homeland".

During its original run, it sold 3,317,966 tickets.[2]



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