Crime Busters

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Crime Busters
-I due superpiedi quasi piatti-
Crime Busters.jpg
Directed by E.B. Clucher
Written by E.B. Clucher
Starring Terence Hill
Bud Spencer
Music by Guido De Angelis
Maurizio De Angelis
Release dates 1 April 1977
Running time 110 min
Country Italy, USA
Language Italian - English

Crime Busters (Italian: I due superpiedi quasi piatti also known as Trinity: In Trouble Again and Two Supercops) is an Italian action-comedy movie directed in 1977 by E.B. Clucher.

It was one of the three movies awarded with the Golden Screen Award in 1977 along with The Exorcist and The Towering Inferno.[1]


Wilbur and Matt work located in Miami as longshoremen but the area is managed by shady dealers that keep them any contribution. The two meet with the punches and then leave. Matt is particularly intrigued by the closed nature of Wilbur trying to avoid it in any way. So Matt after introducing himself to the beast in his own way convinces him to groped a robbery in a supermarket as not have any money to eat. He accepts but by mistake the two end up in the police station and not knowing how to get out with the error say they want to become police officers. Matt and Wilbur make the training even if they differ from the other recruits for their rebellious and quarrelsome behavior and finally begin to make their first services. During one of these two friends know a family of Chinese, whose uncle was killed by unknown assailants. The two policemen decide to investigate and will meet again to face the same ruffians that had spread to the port months before. In fact, the criminals will be the key of "the two superpied almost flat" to get to the heart of the gang of traffickers.



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