I går, i dag

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"I går, i dag"
Single by Sanna Nielsen
from the album Sanna 11-22
A-side "I går, i dag"
B-side "Still too Young"
Released March 2001
Format CD
Genre schlager
Label Maypole
Writer(s) Bert Månson
Sanna Nielsen chronology
" Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiró)"
"I går, i dag"
"Hela världen för mig"

I går, i dag is a song written by Bert Månson, and performed by Sanna Nielsen at Melodifestivalen 2001, where it ended up third. In 2001 the song was also released as a single, peaking at #32 at the Swedish singles chat. The song also charted at Svensktoppen for 14 weeks between the period of 24 March[1]-23 June 2001[2] before leaving the chart.[3] peaking at second position. Using the Svensktoppen calculation system, the song became 9th most successful Svensktoppen song of 2001.

The single B-side was the same song with lyrics in English: Still too Young.

Single track listing[edit]

  1. I går, i dag
  2. Still too Young (I går, i dag) [4]

Chart trajectory[edit]

Lista (2001) Topplacering
Sweden 32[5]


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