Iain Purdon

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Iain Purdon
Occupation Newsreader
Continuity Announcer
Notable credit(s) BBC World Service

Iain Purdon is a newsreader on the BBC World Service.[1]


Purdon began newsreading with BBC Scotland in May 1973. From 1974-1978, he was also a regular announcer on BBC One Scotland. In 1982, he moved to BBC Radio 2 where he was senior announcer. After a couple of years working with BBC Radio 4, Purdon moved in March 1995 to the BBC World Service in a post he holds today.[1] In his current role, Purdon reads five minute long bulletins on the hour, and short summaries on the half hour. These broadcasts are heard on BBC World Service around the world. Iain Purdon read the last news bulletin from Bush House at 11.00 GMT on 12 July 2012.

Iain Purdon also plays the bass guitar in a pop group.