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Iain D. Thomson
Iain Thomson2.jpg
Born 1968 (age 46–47)
Era 21st century Philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Continental
Main interests
existentialism, aesthetics, philosophy of technology, philosophy of education
Left to right: Tao Ruspoli, Mark Wrathall and Iain Thomson, November 2013

Iain D. Thomson (born 1968) is an American philosopher and Professor of Philosophy at the University of New Mexico. He is known for his expertise on Heidegger's philosophy, philosophy of education, philosophy of technology and environmental philosophy.[1][2][3]

Thomson received the Gunter Starkey Award for Teaching Excellence and a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Research Fellowship. He is featured in Tao Ruspoli's film Being in the World. His articles on Heidegger have been published in such journals as Inquiry, Journal of the History of Philosophy, The Harvard Review of Philosophy, the International Journal of Philosophical Studies, and the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology.[4]


  • Iain D. Thomson, Heidegger, Art, and Postmodernity, Cambridge University Press, 2011, ISBN 9780521172493
  • Iain D. Thomson, Heidegger on Ontotheology: Technology and the Politics of Education, Cambridge University Press, 2005, ISBN 052161659x

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