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Ian Livingstone (born July 4, 1969) is a British video game, film and TV music composer.

Livingstone began his professional career as session musician engineer and midi programmer, recording and touring Europe with a number of successful bands.

Livingstone was born in London. After taking a music degree at Salford University, he began scoring video game soundtracks such as “Starlancer”, “Lego Harry Potter”, “Star Trek: Invasion”. In 2001 he worked closely with Nokia on their ringtone technology including the arrangement for the well-known Nokia default ringtone. In 2003 he wrote and produced a no.1 hit record “Complicated” in Luxembourg with Icelandic artist Thorunn.

Ian had his first break into films providing a full orchestral score for a cult joint Thai/USA movie“The King Maker” (2005) starring Gary Stretch (Alexander) and John Rhys-Davies (LOTR, Indiana Jones).

Ian also writes music for the KPM/ EMI production music label, Extreme Music and West One Music.


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