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Dr Ib Holm Sørensen (died January 2012) was a computer scientist who made contributions to the Z notation and B-Method.[1]

Originally from Denmark, Ib Sørensen started his academic career in the 1970s at Aarhus University, where he worked on the Rikke-Mathilda microassemblers and simulators running on the DECSystem-10 computer.[2]

In 1979, Sørensen joined the Programming Research Group, part of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (now the Oxford University Department of Computer Science) in England. There he worked with Jean-Raymond Abrial and others, making contributions to the early development of the formal specification language Z. He gained a DPhil degree from the University of Oxford[3] and was a co-author of the seminal Specification Case Studies book on Z, first published in 1987.[4]

From the late 1980s, Sørensen was central in the development of the B-Method, a leading formal method. He left Oxford University to lead a team at BP developing the B-Tool to provide tool support for the B approach. He then founded the company B-Core (UK) Limited[5] to support the B-Toolkit,[6] a set of programming tools designed to support the use of the B-Tool, and undertake B-related projects.

Latterly he returned to the University of Oxford. From 1999, he worked on the B-based Booster models of requirements. He died before he was able to retire.[1]


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