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The Ibanez Artwood (AW) series refers to a series of acoustic guitars highlighted by the use of unusual woods such as quilted and flamed maple, walnut, and bubinga. Also notable is the use of solid wood tops in each model. Many guitars in the series are designed based on the dreadnought size, but is also available in jumbo and 7-string models.

There are many different variations of the Artwood guitar:

The Ibanez Artwood AW40 Guitar.
  • AC110NT
  • AC12NT
  • AJ200ECEAV
  • AJ307ECENT
  • AW100
  • AW100ECENT
  • AW1050ECERIG
  • AW120RDV
  • AW12BK
  • AW12NT
  • AW1400NT
  • AW200ECEVV
  • AW20HS
  • AW300CENT
  • AW300ECENT
  • AW300NT
  • AW40NT
  • AW40ECE
  • AW500ECENT
  • AW500NT
  • AW700NT

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