Ibanez GR 220

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Ibanez GR 220
Manufacturer Ibanez
Period 1994-1996
Neck joint 24 3/4
Pickup(s) Humbuckers
Colors available
Black, Cherry, Sunburst, Green, Blue

the Ibanez GR 220, or Ghostrider is a guitar produced by Ibanez. Ibanez first produced the prototypes of the Ibanez GR 220 guitar in its LA custom shop. Structurally, it resembles the Ibanez Artist guitars of the 1970s. The neck has the same width and 2434" scale length as the Artist but Ibanez reduced the depth to produce a flatter profile more like the modern guitars they were producing in the Ibanez RG series guitars.

Ghostrider models[edit]

There were three Ghostrider models produced. All were set-neck construction:


The GR220 had minimalist dot-inlays, chrome hardware, a carved maple top, and two GRP90 pickups. Finishes came in black (GR220BK), a vibrant green (GR220TB) and an enchanting transparent blue. Produced during 1995, 1996.


The GR320 came with dot inlays and dual humbuckers. It had a Fender Telecaster style bridge, and the bridge humbucker was mounted in this housing. Al Jourgensen was pictured with this guitar in an old Ibanez advertisement. It was available in black (GR320BK) and cherry (GR320CH) with black hardware. They were introduced in 94 and produced for a very short time.


Seen as the premium model, the GR520 had a pair of 'Infinity' humbuckers, a carved top, gold hardware, pearl/abalone block inlays and either vintage sunburst (GR520VS) or orange sunburst (GR520OS) finishes. It was produced from 94-96 or so.