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Coordinates: 21°45′28″S 48°49′44″W / 21.75778°S 48.82889°W / -21.75778; -48.82889

Flag of Ibitinga
Map showing where is Ibitinga

Ibitinga is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2008 is 53,158 and the area is 689,249 km². The elevation is 491m. This place name comes from the Tupi language, and it means "Terra Branca" ("White Lands").

This town is commonly referred at the "Embroidery National Capital", for its large embroidery industry, which started in the 1960s with descendants from Madeira Island, and really developed after 1974, when the City Hall promoted the first "Embroidery Fair", at the City Stadium. Year after year, the town passed from being dependent on agriculture and cattle to its current situation, where the economy mostly depends on embroidery and tourism.

Tietê river flows through Ibitinga lands. Jacaré-Pepira, the cleanest river at São Paulo state, is a tributary of Tietê river, and the intersection of the two rivers in Ibitinga is one of the most beautiful postcards of the town. At the Tietê river in Ibitinga, it is also located a dam (at the Ibitinga Hydroelectric Power Station) and one lock. This lock, together with many others at other Tietê dams, allows the navigation of Tietê river along most of its length.