Ibn Abi al-Shukr

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Ibn Abī al‐Shukr
Died June 1283 CE
Era Islamic Golden Age
Region Islamic civilization
School/tradition Maliki
Main interests Astronomy, Astrology and Mathematics
Notable ideas New astronomical parameters

Ibn Abī al‐Shukr (Arabic: ابن ابي الشكر‎; d. 1283 CE) was an Andalusī astronomer, astrologer and mathematician of the Islamic Golden Age. He belonged to the group of astronomers associated with the Maragheh observatory, most notably Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. In astronomy, Ibn Abi al-Shukr carried out a large‐scale project of systematic planetary observations, which led to the development of several new astronomical parameters.[1]

He died in Maragheh in modern-day Iran in June 1283 CE.[1]



Marāgha observatory where Ibn Abi al-Shukr carried out his planetary observations

His known works on astronomy include:[1]

  • Tasṭīḥ al‐asṭurlāb: a description of the construction and use of the astrolabe.
  • Maqāla fī istikhrāj taʿdīl al‐nahār wa saʿat al‐mashriq wa‐ʾl‐dāʾir min al‐falak bi‐ṭarīq al‐handasa: a description of the geometrical methods used to determine the meridian line, the rising amplitude, and the revolution of the sphere.
  • Risālat al‐Khaṭā wa‐ʾl‐īghūr: a chronological work on the Chinese and Uighur calendars, which was later translated from Arabic and Persian into Chinese.
  • Three zijes:
    • Tāj al‐azyāj wa‐ghunyat al‐muḥtāj (The crown of astronomical handbooks), also known as Al‐muṣaḥḥaḥ bi‐adwār al‐anwār maʿa al‐raṣad wa‐ʾl‐iʿtibār.
    • Adwār al‐anwār madā al‐duhūr wa‐ʾl‐akwār: contains results of the astronomical observations he carried out in Marāgha.
    • ʿUmdat al‐ḥāsib wa‐ghunyat al‐ṭālib
  • Three commentaries on Ptolemy's Almagest:
    • Talkhīṣ al‐Majisṭī (Compendium of the Almagest): based on his observations carried out between 1264 and 1275 CE.
    • Khulāṣat al‐Majisṭī (Summary of the Almagest)
    • Muqaddimāt tataʿallaq bi‐ḥarakāt al‐kawākib (Prolegomena on the motion of the stars): contains five geometric premises on the planetary motions in the Almagest.


Ibn Abī al‐Shukr's astrological works were mainly devoted to horoscopes and planetary conjunctions used to tell the future.[1]


His works deal with geometry and trigonometry. His writings on trigonometry "contain certain original elements".[1]


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