Ibn al-Zaqqaq

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For the Maliki scholar see Ali ibn Qasim al-Zaqqaq.

Ali ibn Attiya ibn al-Zaqqaq (علي إبن عطيّة إبن الزقّاق البلنسي) (ca. 1100 Valencia - 1133 or 1134) was one of the great poets of Al-Andalus during the reign of the Almoravids.[1] He came from a Moroccan, Berber family and was the nephew of Ibn Khafaja.

The patrons of Ibn al-Zaqqaq were two Valencian families, a governor, a family of Almoravid dignitaries, probably the supreme Almoravid judge of the East and perhaps the Almoravid ruler Ali ibn Yusuf himself.[2]

(Sueno de al Zaqqaq by Luis Delgado is a CD with a collection of the works of Ibn Al-Zaqqaq set to music.)


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Further reading[edit]

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  • Ibn al-Zaqqaq al-Balansi, Trad. Ramon Dachs i Josep Ramon Gregori, Robaiyat d'Ibn al-Zaqqaq de València (examples of his work plus trl. in Spanish)[1] (retrieved September 15, 2010)