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Ibrahim Khalil
ابراهيم خليل
Front Gate of Ibrahim Khalil border in Iraqi Kurdistan
Front Gate of Ibrahim Khalil border in Iraqi Kurdistan
Ibrahim Khalil is located in Iraq
Ibrahim Khalil
Ibrahim Khalil
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 37°08′41.00″N 42°33′56″E / 37.1447222°N 42.56556°E / 37.1447222; 42.56556Coordinates: 37°08′41.00″N 42°33′56″E / 37.1447222°N 42.56556°E / 37.1447222; 42.56556
Country  Iraq
Autonomous region  Kurdistan

Ibrahim Khalil (Arabic: ابراهيم خليل) is a border crossing point between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan. It is also called the Habur Border Gate in English. Before the control point and gate there is a bridge crossing the Khabur river, which forms the natural border between Iraq and Turkey.[1]

Although it is an entry point into Iraq, the crossing is controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government, which enforces its own customs and immigration policies, enforced at checkpoints manned by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters under the flag of Kurdistan — a red, white, and green tricolor with a golden sun.[2]

In September 2004 the 167th Corps Support Group, a New Hampshire Army Reserve unit, was deployed to Ibrahim Khalil to monitor the supplies being shipped from supply centers in northern Turkey to coalition forces in Iraq.[3]

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