Ibrahim Maalouf

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Ibrahim Maalouf
Ibrahim Maalouf - Festival du Bout du Monde 2014 - 005.jpg
Ibrahim Maalouf on a concert in Crozon, France (2014)
Background information
Birth name Ibrahim Maalouf
Born (1980-12-05) 5 December 1980 (age 33)
Beirut, Lebanon
Origin Paris, France
Genres Jazz
Jazz-rock fusion
Classical music
Occupation(s) Trumpeter, Composer and Musical arranger
Instruments Trumpet
Years active 1997-
Labels Mis'Ter Productions
Website www.ibrahimmaalouf.com

Ibrahim Maalouf (Arabic: ابراهيم معلوف‎) (born 5 December 1980) is a trumpet player, composer (movie soundtracks included), arranger, producer, trumpet teacher, and improvisation teacher. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He is also the only trumpet player in the world who plays arabic music on very special trumpet his father invented in the sixties to play arabic scales.


Ibrahim Maalouf (arabic : ابراهيم معلوف) was born into a family of intellectuals and artists; he is the son of trumpeter Nassim Maalouf and pianist Nada Maalouf, nephew of the writer Amin Maalouf and grandson of journalist, poet and musicologist Rushdi Maalouf. He created his own label in 2006 "Mi'ster Productions", and his albums are distributed all over the world. Each year his concerts bring him to over than 30 countries and many prizes and awards that he received made a large public discover an unusual artist. He received a special prize by UNESCO in 2011, as "Young Artist for Intercultural Dialogue Between Arab and Western Worlds".

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Maalouf has also earned prizes in the major classical trumpet competitions in the world. In July 2010, he was awarded in 2010 the Instrumental Revelation of the Year at the French Jazz Music Awards (Victoires du Jazz), and in 2013 Artist of the year at the French Jazz music awards. More recently Maalouf was awarded Best World Music Artist at the French Music Awards in 2014.

Ibrahim has composed also several movie soundtracks, (Yves Saint Laurent (Jalil Lespert) 2014; Smart Ass (Kim Chapiron) 2013; Red Rose (Sepideh Farsi 2014) and several pieces for choirs and symphonic orchestras, or chamber music ensembles.

After winning international classical music competitions, Ibrahim was well known for playing and recording with renown artists from different styles of music: Sting, Salif Keita, Amadou & Mariam, Lhasa de Sela, Marcel Khalifa, Vanessa Paradis, Juliette Greco, Archie Shepp, Larry Grenadier, Mark Turner, Trilok Gurtu,...)

He has released five albums on his own label. 2007: Diasporas / 2009: Diachronism / 2011: Diagnostic / 2012 "WIND" featuring saxophonist Mark Turner, Bass Player Larry Grenadier and drummer Clarence Penn. His album "Illusions" released in 2013 reached number one in the top jazz charts in France for more than four months.[citation needed] His 2014 album "Au pays d'Alice" is a collaboration with Oxmo Puccino.

Ibrahim also produces young artists' albums and also teaches improvisation at the Conservatoire Superieur à Rayonnement Régional de Paris. (Paris Regional Superieur Conservatory).

Early career[edit]

His family fled Lebanon in the midst of a Lebanese Civil War and Maalouf grew up in the Paris suburbs with both parents and his sister Layla, who is two years older than he is. He studied there until the age of 17 and earned a baccalauréat in General Science and Specialised Mathematics from the Lycée Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire in Étampes (Essonne).

He began to study the trumpet at the age of 7 with his father Nassim Maalouf, a former student of Maurice André at the Paris Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance. His father taught him classical technique, baroque, classical, modern and contemporary repertoires, as well as classical Arabic music and the Arab art of improvisation and style. In fact, his father was the inventor of the micro-tonal trumpet, called “quarter tone trumpet”, which makes it possible to play Arab maqams on the trumpet. Another characteristic of these early years was that Maalouf began playing the piccolo trumpet very young. From the age of 9, he accompanied his father in a duo throughout Europe and the Middle East, playing a baroque repertoire by Antonio Vivaldi, Henry Purcell, Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni, etc... This was how he learned to play in front of an audience, and how audiences gradually began to become acquainted with him. When he was 15, Maalouf came to the attention of professional musicians when during a concert with a chamber orchestra, he interpreted the 2nd Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach, considered by many trumpeters as the most difficult piece in the classical trumpet repertoire. Several years later, Maalouf met Maurice André, who encouraged him to go professional. This prompted Maalouf to abandon his scientific studies and dedicate himself entirely to his musical career.

Classical career[edit]

Maalouf then successfully passed an open competition at the CNR de Paris (regional Conservatory) and joined the class of Gérard Boulanger for a two-year training course. After that, he passed another open competition and joined the CNSM de Paris (Higher National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris) in the class of Antoine Curé for a three-year training course. He obtained degrees from both of these schools, considered to be the top establishments in the field of classical music in France, but also during his five years of study, he entered national, European and international trumpet competitions in order to discover the full range of the trumpet repertoire and to develop his technical skill.

Between 1999 and 2003, Maalouf earned awards in 15 competitions throughout the world. His most prestigious prizes were 1st prize in the Hungarian International Trumpet Competition in Pilisvörösvár in May 2002,[1] 1st prize in the National Trumpet Competition (Washington DC) in 2001 and 2nd prize (ex aequo) in the Maurice André International Competition in Paris in 2003, regarded as one of the two most prestigious international competitions. The Cziffra Foundation and the Pro-Europa Foundation, patroned by the Prince of Denmark also contributed significantly to the launch of his international classical career.

From 2006 to 2013, Maalouf has been trumpet instructor at the CNR of Aubervilliers, La Courneuve in France. Maalouf is regularly invited to give master classes and recitals in France and abroad.

Maalouf also composes for different classical orchestras. He wrote more than 15 pieces for different ensembles from small to symphonic orchestras and choirs that were commissioned since 2000.[citation needed]

Ibrahim now teaches improvisation to classical musicians, (all instruments) at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Superior Régional de Paris.


Launched by Ibrahim's own label "Mi'ster Productions", his albums are widely acclaimed by the press. National and international newspapers, weekly magazines and others devoted to jazz, world music, rock and music in general have recognized the value of this work.

He is the composer, producer and arranger of most of the tracks of his albums.


1.intro 0:38/ 2.Diaspora 4:04/ 3.Kanoun Improvisation 2:04/ 4.Hashish 4:52/ 5.Missin'ya 4:03/ 6.Oud Improvisation 1:47/ 7.Shadows 4:58/ 8.Verdict 4:51/ 9.Last Wishes 6:38/ 10.Trumpet Improvisation 2:10/ 11.1925 (Feat. Vincent Segal) 10:47


1. Pouh Hia 5:15/ 2. Naga 5:55/ 3. Ya Ha La 6:14/ 4. Trumpet & Saz Improvisation 7:20/ 5. Hyu Man 6:28/ 6. Intro (Old Radio Of A Lebanese Mountain) 0:51/ 7. Esse Emme 4:50/ 8. Intro (winners of 2007-2009 tour) 1:02/ 9. Bizarre 3:21/ 10. Make Ce 5:58/ 11. Trumpet & Piano Improvisation 3:36/ 12. Souma Hia 4:32/


1. Lily (Is 2) 2:08/ 2. Will Soon Be A Woman 5:31/ 3. Intro 1:20/ 4. Maeva In The Wonderland 6:48/ 5. Your Soul 2:23/ 6. Everything Or Nothing 7:05/ 7. Never Serious 4:25/ 8. They Don't Care About Us 4:26/ 9. Douce (avec Oxmo Puccino) 5:45/ 10. All The Beautiful Things 11:01/ 11. Diagnostic 2:55/ 12. Beirut 10:43/

2012 : WIND

1. Doubts 3:31/ 2. Suspicions 7:10/ 3. Waiting 4:51/ 4. Questions & Answers 4:38/ 5. Waiting 2 0:55/ 6. Excitement 6:45/ 7. Certainly 6:09/ 8. Sensuality 7:42/ 9. Issues 6:03/ 10. Surprises 6:28/ 11. Doubts 2 4:55/ 12. Mistery 3:25/


1. Illusion 3:38/ 2. Conspiracy Generation 8:56/ 3. InPRESSI 4:08/ 4. Nomade Slang 6:05/ 5. Busy 10:23/ 6. If you wanna be a woman 6:42/ 7. Unfaithful (Rihanna) 4:26/ 8. True Sorry 4:51/ 9. Illusions (Bonus) 3:20/


1. intro 3:26/ 2. Tomber Longtemps 4:04/ 3. Jamais Quand il Faut 4:49/ 4. La Course Au Caucus 4:17/ 5. La Porte Bonheur 4:10/ 6. Interlude 1 1:58/ 7. Les Conseils d'Une Chenille 3:45/ 8. Interlude 2 2:02/ 9. Poivre et Cochon 5:50/ 10. L'Heure du T 4:22/ 11. Les Destin des Cartes 3:29/ 12. Partie de Croquet 5:51/ 13. Simili Tortue 4:40/ 14. Le Complot 2:21/ 15. Le Process 4:47/

Appearances in[edit]

2014 : Ibrahim Maalouf, Yves Saint Laurent (B.O.F)

2014 : 20Syl, Motif EP

2014 : Hollysiz, My Name Is (In Between Lines Edition)

2014 : Daniel Goyone, Goyone Blues

2014 : Ibrahim Maalouf, La Crème de la Crème (B.O.F)

2013 : Grand Corps Malade, Funambule

2013: David Lynx & Diederik Wissels, Winds of Change

2013 : Trilok Gurtu, Spellbound

2013 : Armand Amar, Né Quelque Part (B.O.F)

2013 : Stephane Chausse & Bertrand Lajudie, Kinematics

2013: Steve Shehan, Hang with You

2012 : Kivilcim, Ehlikeyf

2012 : HaÏdouti Orkestar, Dogu

2012 : Lulu Zerrad, Les Îles du désert

2012: Ernesto "Tito" Puentes, Gracias

2012 : Juliette Greco, Ça se traverse et c'est beau

2011 : Kiran Ahluwalia, Aam Zameen

2011 : Piers Faccini, My Wilderness

2010 : Armand Amar, Hors la loi (B.O.F)

2009 : Salif Keita, La Différence

2009 : Sting, If on a Winter's Night

2009 : Armand Amar, Eden à l'ouest (B.O.F)

2009 : Armand Amar, HOME (B.O.F)

2009 : Armand Amar, Le Concert (B.O.F)

2009 : Steve Shehan, Awalin'

2009 : Yom, Unue

2009 : Smadj, Selin

2009 : Alexandre Desplat, Et après (B.O.F)

2009 : Saule, Western

2008 : Vincent Delerm, Quinze chansons

2008 : Abed Azrié, Mystic

2008 : Tryo, Ce que l'on sème

2008 : Bumcello, Lychee Queen

2008 : Trombamania, Soléa

2008 : Georges Moustaki, Solitaire

2007 : Vanessa Paradis, Divinidylle

2007 : Toufic Farrouk, Tootya

2007 : Vincent Delerm, Live à la Cigale

2007 : Vincent Delerm, Favourite Songs

2007 : Mamia Cherif, Double vie

2006 : Vincent Delerm, Les Piqûres d'araignées

2006 : Tony Gatlif, Transylvania (B.O.F)

2006 : Seb Martel, Coitry

2006 : Enrico Macias, La Vie populaire

2005 : Arthur H, Adieu tristesse

2004 : Franck Monnet, Au grand jour

2004 : Angel Parra, Chante Pablo Neruda

2004 : Jeanne Cherhal, Douze fois par an

2004 : Vincent Delerm, Kensigton Square

2004 : François Audrain, Chambres lointaines

2004 : Amadou et Mariam, Dimanche à Bamako

2003 : Lhasa De Sela, The Living Road

2003 : Disiz la Peste, Jeu de société

2003 : Thomas Fersen, Pièce montée des grands jours

2003 : Las Ondas Marteles, Y despues de todo

2003 : Matthieu Chédid, Qui de nous deux

2002 : Amadou et Mariam, Wati

2002 : Dupain, Camina

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