Ibrahim ibn al-Walid

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Ibrahim ibn al-Walid
13thCaliph of the Umayyad dynasty
Umayyad Caliph in Damascus
Reign 744 (few weeks)
Predecessor Yazid ibn al-Walid ibn 'Abd al-Malik
Successor Marwan ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan
Full name
Ibrahim ibn Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik
Dynasty Umayyad, Marwanid branch
Father Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik
Died 25 January 750

Ibrahim ibn Al-Walid (? – 25 January 750) (Arabic: ابراهيم ابن الوليد بن عبد الملك‎) was an Umayyad caliph, and a son of Caliph al-Walid I (r. 705–715). He only ruled for a short time in 744 before he abdicated, and went into hiding out of fear of his political opponents. The shortness of this time and his incomplete acceptance led Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari to state that he did not succeed in becoming caliph (v. 26, p. 247). However, at Tabari (p. 13) does record that Ibrahim as caliph did confirm the appointment of Abdallah ibn Umar as governor of Iraq. (v. 27, p. 13)

Ibrahim was named heir apparent by his brother Yazid III. Marwan II decided to oppose Yazid III, and even though he later gave allegiance to Yazid, on the early death of that caliph, Marwan continued his own ambitions. Ibrahim requested and was granted Marwan's assurance of personal safety. He travelled with Marwan to former Caliph Hisham's residence at Rusafah in Syria. Like most members of the Umayyad family, Ibrahim was executed by the Abbasids in 750.


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Preceded by
Yazid III
Succeeded by
Marwan II