Ice (webcomic)

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Author(s) Faith Erin Hicks
Current status / schedule Not concluded; updated on alternating Saturdays
Genre(s) Dystopia/Drama
Rating(s) R (not recommended for children under 14)

Ice is a dystopian online comic written and drawn by Faith Erin Hicks about a couple living in futuristic England. The comic is updated on alternating Saturdays and is available online for free. It was originally published on Modern Tales.


Ice is set in futuristic England that has survived the energy crisis but was plunged into eternal winter. The country's society is divided into the privileged "nobles" and the commoners. England is still a monarchy, and conspiracy abounds.


  • Hunter (real name Sarah L'Engle) is the heroine of the comic. She's a tough commoner trying to lead an unassuming life. She is about 28 years old.
  • Cirr (pronounced SEAR) is Hunter's boyfriend/roommate. Very handy, he likes to fix things. He also apparently rarely shaves. He was born a noble, although he now detests them. It is mentioned that he has a sister who is also named Sarah.
  • Mercy is Hunter's older sister. She is homosexual and works in a strip club.
  • Useless is the puny dog Hunter picked up on the street (after it ran away from its noble owner). Useless shares Hunter's dislike of the nobles and the word "precious".
  • The Prince is a high-ranking noble who hands leftovers to starving masses and seems to be up to no good.
  • Munch and Saul are two villains who used to rob banks but are now employed by the Prince to do his dirty work.
  • Reann is a 14-year-old female dodger with blue hair. Hunter is her only client; the money she earns keeps her in the shelters.
  • Ayume is Reann's Asian friend. She's not an actual street kid (she has a heated home to go to at night) but likes to pretend she is one.
  • (HRH) 'Black' Maria is the Queen and current ruling monarch of England.

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