Ice Cream Castle

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For the song, see Ice Cream Castles.
Ice Cream Castle
Studio album by The Time
Released July 2, 1984
Recorded March 26, 1983–January 1984
Genre Funk, R&B, pop
Length 38:19
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Prince (as The Starr ★ Company), Morris Day, Jesse Johnson
The Time chronology
What Time Is It?
Ice Cream Castle
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Ice Cream Castle is a 1984 album by The Time. Similar to their previous two albums, this album consists of six tracks in the funk-pop or ballad genre and it was produced and arranged by Prince as "The Starr ★ Company". Prince again performed all instruments and background vocals, with Day providing lead vocals and Johnson on guitar, with the following exceptions: "The Bird" is a live recording by the band from a First Avenue performance; background vocals on "Chili Sauce" and "If The Kid Can't Make You Come" were by Sharon Hughes; and Novi Novog played the violin on "Chili Sauce" according to the album's credits listed.[citation needed]

The album's two biggest hits, "Jungle Love" and "The Bird", were featured in the film Purple Rain and this, along with Day's performance in the movie, catapulted the album up the charts and to a crossover audience. Unfortunately, the band didn't have time to enjoy the success, as they had disbanded by the time the movie was released.

The liner notes state: "All jams written by Morris Day except 'Jungle Love' written by Morris Day & Jesse Johnson." However, all songs were in fact written by Prince.

"Jungle Love" and "The Bird" are the songs the band is most remembered for; they are danceable pop-funk and both feature comical animalistic catchphrases as well as distinctive dances. "Ice Cream Castles" is a toned-down funk offering pleading for racial equality. "My Drawers" is a hard rock number with swaggering machismo. "Chili Sauce" is a humorous conversation with dialogue similar to the Purple Rain film. Prince himself plays the waiter.

In addition to the album tracks, several other tracks were cut during the recording sessions. "Tricky" was included as a B-side for both "Ice Cream Castles" and "Jungle Love". A jam with Day on drums, "Cloreen Bacon Skin" later was released on Prince's Crystal Ball in 1998. "Chocolate" and "My Summertime Thang" were later updated and used on The Time's next album, Pandemonium, six years later. Two other tracks, about which little is known, are "My Love Belongs to You" and "Velvet Kitty Kat".

Ice Cream Castle produced three singles: "Ice Cream Castles", "Jungle Love", and "The Bird".

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Prince, except where noted. 

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Ice Cream Castles" (Prince and Morris Day) 7:33
2. "My Drawers"   4:04
3. "Chili Sauce"   5:45
Side two
No. Title Length
4. "Jungle Love" (Prince, Morris Day and Jesse Johnson) 5:29
5. "If the Kid Can't Make You Come"   7:33
6. "The Bird" (Prince, Morris Day and Jesse Johnson) 7:40


  • Prince: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion
  • Morris Day: Lead & Backing Vocals
  • Sharon Hughes: Additional Vocals
  • Jesse Johnson: Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Mark Cardenas, Paul Peterson: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
  • Jerry Reed Hubbard: Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Novi Novog: Violin
  • Jerome Benton: Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Jellybean Johnson: Drums


  • Produced By Prince, Morris Day & Jesse Johnson
  • Recording, Engineers: David Leonard, Peggy Mac, Terry Christian
  • Mastering: Bernie Grundman


"The men from Minneapolis form the tightest funk outfit I've heard for ages," marveled Fred Dellar in Hi-Fi News & Record Review, "the heat generated on 'Jungle Love' being awesome. 'The Bird' is only fractionally less hot and 'If the Kid Can't Make You Come' an amiable street-trot, albeit a lascivious one. And if 'Chili Sauce' acts purely as a playlet in which Day can indulge in a kind of on-vinyl test for some forthcoming blue movie, then even this can be forgiven in view of The Time's other assets."[1]

Singles and chart placings[edit]

  1. "Ice Cream Castles"
  2. "Tricky" (non-album track)
  3. "Get It Up" – 12" single

  1. "Jungle Love"
  2. "Oh, Baby" – 7" single
  3. "Tricky" (non-album track) – NL 7" single, German 12" single
  4. "The Bird" – 7" back-to-back single

  1. "The Bird"
  2. "My Drawers"

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