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Ice Today
Executive director Nawshin Khair
Former editors Ziaul Karim
Staff writers Nobonita Chowdhury, managing editor
Syeda Samara Mortada, associate editor
Goutom Saha, fashion editor
Categories Entertainment and lifestyle
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Abul Khair Litu
Company ICE Media Limited
Country Bangladesh
Based in Bengal Center
Plot-2, Civil Aviation, New Airport Road
Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh
Language English

Ice Today is a Bangladeshi lifestyle magazine focusing on contemporary culture and society in the country. The magazine has sections dedicated to business, fashion, health, women, music, travel and cuisine.[1]


The magazine is under the ICE Media Ltd publishing umbrella, which produces ICE Business Times, Jamini, Charbela Chardik, and Bengal Barta.

The magazine's publisher is entrepreneur Abul Khair Litu, who has also published Shilpa O Shilpi about Bangladeshi art. Litu is an art enthusiast and active in the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts.[2][3][4]

The current staff is Nawshin Khair, executive director; Nobonita Chowdhury, managing editor; Syeda Samara Mortada, associate editor; and Goutom Saha, fashion editor.[1]

The current editor replaced Ziaul Karim, who was appointed editor of the magazine in 2007. Karim, active in journalism since 1990, was a former reporter for The Morning Sun (newspaper) and The Daily Star (Bangladesh), and he was the former features editor for News Day. Karim was also appointed at the same time the editor of Jamini.[5]

Several prominent literary names have been associated with the magazine. Author and poet Syed Shamsul Haque is chair of the editorial board.[1] The Bengali poet Hayat Saif is a former managing editor.

Editorial focus[edit]

The magazine says its title ICE stands for "information, communication and entertainment", and the magazine regularly covers "fashion, beauty, food ... travel, gadgets, events" and contains monthly interviews.[1]

The magazine is a booster for Bangladeshi businesses, such as airlines and other national brands, through its content, awards and service.[6][7] Its staff is also active in community service and the art scene.[8]

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