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Ichibanya Co., Ltd.
Type Public
Industry Foodservice
Founded 1 July 1982 (1982-07-01)
Headquarters Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan
Number of locations 1,268 (July 2011) [1]
Area served Japan
California, USA
South Korea
Hong Kong
Key people Toshiya Hamajima, president and representative director
Products Curry rice
Ankake Spaghetti
Revenue Decrease ¥38,043 million (May 2010)
Operating income Increase ¥3,685 million (May 2010)
Net income Increase ¥1,770 million (May 2010)
Total assets ¥28,922 million (May 2010)
Employees 775



Ichibanya Co., Ltd. (株式会社壱番屋 kabushikigaisha ichiban'ya?) (TYO: 7630) is a Japanese food services company based in Ichinomiya, Aichi.

CoCo Ichibanya chain[edit]

CoCo Ichibanya Curry House restaurant

Ichibanya Co., Ltd. owns the top curry rice restaurant chain in Japan, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya or usually just CoCo Ichiban or CoCo Ichi. The chain owns both direct and franchise restaurants in total of nine countries: United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, People’s Republic of China, Republic of China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan. [2] [3] The Curry House chain is by far the company's largest business.

  • United States: 8 Branches
  • Thailand: 22 Branches
  • Indonesia: 1 Branch
  • Singapore: 3 Branches
  • People’s Republic of China: 42 Branches
  • Republic of China: 21 Branches
  • Hong Kong: 7 Branches
  • South Korea: 20 Branches (21 in the future)
  • Japan: >1,177 Branches

Pasta de Coco[edit]

The company also operates 25 restaurants in Japan under the name Pasta de Coco. It sells a pasta dish which is a kind of spaghetti with starchy sauce known as Ankake spaghetti (あんかけスパゲッティ ankake supagetti?). This dish is one of the distinctive foods of the Nagoya metropolitan area.[4][5]


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