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The Ichud HaKehillos LeTohar HaMachane is an Orthodox Jewish organization. It educates Jews about pornography-use habits and other problems that can result from Internet usage.[1]

The Ichud HaKehillos has a division called the Technology Awareness Group (TAG).[2] The division's volunteers provide various services to their target market, including installing Web filtering and monitoring software on computers, cellphones, and other devices. The division has offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere; it can also provide certain services worldwide using remote-control technology. As of February 2013, the division had 25 offices.[3] TAG fields about 600 calls a day internationally.

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Note: Ichud HaKehillos LeTohar HaMachane does not have a website.

  • NoFap: A website for those who want to abstain from pornography and/or masturbation.