Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma

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Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Coordinates 35°36′39″N 97°37′21″W / 35.61083°N 97.62250°W / 35.61083; -97.62250Coordinates: 35°36′39″N 97°37′21″W / 35.61083°N 97.62250°W / 35.61083; -97.62250
Lists Hospitals in Oklahoma

Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma, is one of the seven comprehensive cancer treatment centers in the United States, currently providing both conventional radiation therapy and proton therapy.[1] ICIO Proton Campus, including the ProCure Proton Therapy Center, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.[2][3] ICIO offers the first[4] Brainlab radiosurgery system to Oklahoma implementing with Varian Novalis Tx.[5] ICIO serves more than 3.6 million people in the Southwest area, mainly Oklahoma,[6][7] and residents from North Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma is a Campus of Integris Baptist Medical Center.


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