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Idabelle Smith Firestone (November 10, 1874[1] - July 7, 1954) was an American composer and songwriter.

Born in Jackson, Michigan,[2] she was educated at Alma College, Ontario. Her father, George, held the patent to a flour milling process.

On 20 November 1895, she married Harvey Samuel Firestone, who had begun the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company five years earlier.[3] She was the mother of Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., and Leonard Firestone, the grandmother of Brooks Firestone, and the great-grandmother of William Clay Ford, Jr., Andrew Firestone, and Nick Firestone.

She joined the ASCAP in 1948. Her compositions include "If I Could Tell You" (the theme of "Voice of Firestone" programs), "In My Garden", "You Are the Song in My Heart", "Do You Recall?", "Melody of Love" and "Bluebirds".[4]


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