Iddo Island

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Coordinates: 6°28′8″N 3°22′49″E / 6.46889°N 3.38028°E / 6.46889; 3.38028

Iddo Island was an island opposite Lagos Island in Nigeria, but due to infill is now part of the mainland. Iddo Island is connected to Lagos Island by the Eko Bridge and the Carter Bridge.

Lagos was founded by the Bini in the sixteenth century on the site of an earlier Yoruba settlement, and was known as Eko. The rulers of Lagos since then have all descended from the Benin warrior Ashipa who was the first king of the town, although the aristocracy are Yoruba. Ashipa's son built his palace on Lagos Island, and his grandson moved the seat of government to the palace from Iddo island.[1]


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  • Postcard of Iddo Railway Station, circa 1920s