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the Jewish quarter of the town of Vinnitsa.

Yerusalimka or Ierusalimka was a Jewish quarter of the town of Vinnitsa. In the beginning of the 20th century Vinnitsa, the chief town of Podolia Governorate, was inhabited by 40 thousand people, half of its population was Jewish. Ierusalimka started to build up as handicraft suburb of the town of Vinnitsa in the end of the 18th century. Ierusalimka became famous for its architectural style, so called Jewish borough Baroque. In 1942 a large part of the quarter was destroyed by German occupation troops.

Today there are still some Jewish buildings in the quarter, particularly the Synagogue erected as it written on its wall in 1903.

Here is the verse of the modern poet Monya Shuster about his home quarter:

Oh Ierusalimka
Jewish quarter of poor
On your narrow paths
My footsteps could be seen
Here first thunderstorm
And sunset and sunrise
Here children cries
And mothers tender eyes

Today Ierusalimka is one of the central quarters of the town of Vinnitsa.

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