If You Love Me, Baby

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"If You Love Me, Baby"
Single by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers
A-side "Ain't She Sweet"
Released 29 May 1964
Recorded 24 June 1961 at Studio Rahlstedt, Hamburg, Germany
Genre Rock
Length 2:52
Label Polydor Records NH 52-317 (UK)
Writer(s) Charles Singleton, Waldenese Hall

"If You Love Me, Baby" also known as "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby (If You Love Me, Baby)" or on many albums simply as "Take Out Some Insurance on Me Baby" is a song written by Charles Singleton and Waldenese Hall.

Tony Sheridan and The Beatles version[edit]

It was covered by Tony Sheridan and The Beatles. It was recorded in Hamburg while The Beatles were playing at the Top Ten Club. It was produced for Polydor by Bert Kaempfert. It appeared on the album The Beatles' First (Polydor Records Ltd, UK 236.201.) which was first released in Germany in 1962 (on the album My Bonnie) and then saw re-release in England in 1967.

Release details[edit]


In 1959 Jimmy Reed released 'Take Out Some Insurance', the first notable cover of this song.

  • "Ain't She Sweet" / "If You Love Me, Baby (Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby)" — released 29 May 1964 on Polydor NH 52-317 (UK).
  • "Sweet Georgia Brown" / "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby (If You Love Me, Baby)" — released 1 June 1964 on Atco 63102 (US).



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Liner notes by Tony Sheridan for "The Beatles' First" (Polydor Records Ltd., UK 236.201)