Iga-Kambe Station

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Iga-Kambe Station
Iga-Kanbe stn.jpg
Iga-Kambe Station, October 2007
Prefecture Mie
(See other stations in Mie)
City Iga
Neighborhood etc. 2628-3, Hido
Postal code 518-0115
(in Japanese) 三重県伊賀市比土2628-3
Year opened 1930
Rail services
Operator(s) Kintetsu
Iga Railway
Line(s) Osaka Line
Iga Line
Statistics 2864 (Kintetsu)
2091 (Iga Railway) passengers/day (FY2010)

Iga-Kambe Station (伊賀神戸駅 Iga-Kambe-eki?) is a joint-use railway station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line and the Iga Railway Iga Line in Iga, Mie Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Kintetsu. Iga-Kambe Station is 75.5 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Kintetsu Osaka Line at Ōsaka Uehommachi Station and is 16.6 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Iga Line at Iga-Ueno Station.[1]


Station layout[edit]

Iga-Kambe Station has a single side platforms, serving the Iga Railway Iga Line,located next to the station building. The platform served formerly served track number 6, but this track was removed in 2007 and used for the space to locate a slope for the platform. The Kintetsu Osaka Line has two opposed side platforms, serving two tracks to the south of the Iga Line. The eastbound platform was originally an island platform serving a third track, which was removed in 2007.


5 Iga Railway Iga Line for Uenoshi and Iga-Ueno
1 Kintetsu Osaka Line for Ise-Nakagawa, Matsusaka, Ujiyamada, Kashikojima, Tsu, and Nagoya
2 Kintetsu Osaka Line for Nabari, Yamato-Yagi, Osaka Uehommachi, Osaka Namba, Kobe (Sannomiya), Nara, and Kyoto

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Kintetsu Osaka Line
Mihata   Local   Aoyamachō
Mihata   Express   Aoyamachō
Mihata   Rapid Express   Aoyamachō
Iga Railway Iga Line
Hido - Terminus
Kintetsu Iga Line (abandoned section)
(Hido) - Mihata-Shinden


Iga-Kambe Station opened on October 10, 1930 as a station on the Sangu Express Electric Railway. The station replaced Shoda Station (庄田駅?) on the former Iga Electric Railway, which had been opened on July 18, 1922, but which was located several hundred meters from Iga-Kambe Station. The Iga Electric Railway became part of the Sangu Electric Railway on March 31, 1929. After merging with Osaka Electric Kido on March 15, 1941, the Sangu Electric Express became part of the Kansai Express Railway.[2] This line was merged with the Nankai Electric Railway on June 1, 1944 to form Kintetsu.[2] On October 1, 1964, the section of the Kintetsu Iga Line between this station and Mihata Station was abandoned, making this station effectively a terminus of the Kintetsu Iga Line. The remaining portion of the Kintetsu Iga Line from this station to Iga-Ueno Station became the Iga Railway, a separately-operated subsidiary company of Kintetetsu in 2007.


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