Igatpuri railway station

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Station statistics
Address Igatpuri, Dist.Nashik PIN-422403
Coordinates 19°41′41″N 73°33′44″E / 19.6946°N 73.5622°E / 19.6946; 73.5622Coordinates: 19°41′41″N 73°33′44″E / 19.6946°N 73.5622°E / 19.6946; 73.5622
Elevation 599.4 metres (1,967 ft)
Line(s) Bhusawal-Kalyan section of Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line, Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line
Structure type Standard, on ground
Platforms 4
Parking Available
Baggage check Not available
Other information
Opened 1865
Electrified 1929
Station code IGP
Division(s) Bhusawal
Owned by Indian Railways
Operator Central Railway
Formerly Great Indian Peninsula Railway
Igatpuri railway station is located in Maharashtra
Igatpuri railway station
Igatpuri railway station
Location in Maharashtra

Igatpuri railway station serves Igatpuri in Nashik district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It stands at the head of Thull Ghat.

It is a loco change-over point for trains moving out of Mumbai as well as trains entering Mumbai. The trains moving out of Mumbai usually change their locomotives to WAP 4 or WAP 7 or WAM 4 as the case may be. The trains entering Mumbai usually change their locomotives to WCAM-3. The station is famous for its Wada Pav and Idli.

Igatpuri Station roof


The first train in India travelled from Mumbai to Thane on 16 April 1853. By May, 1854, Great Indian Peninsula Railway's Mumbai-Thane line was extended to Kalyan. Bhusawal was set up in 1860, but the service started in the mid-1860s. Service up to Igatpuri was started in 1865.[1][2]


The Kalyan-Igatpuri section was electrified with 1.5 kV DC overhead system in 1929.[3]Subsequent electrification with 25 kV AC overhead system in the Igatpuri-Manmad sector, with AC/DC change over at Igatpuri, was carried out in 1967-69.[4]The change over of the Mumbai area from DC to AC is in an advanced stage.[5]

Busy station[edit]

130 trains (excluding Summer Special Trains) pass through Igatpuri (which also includes weeklies and biweeklies, etc.) [6]

Electric trip sheds[edit]

Igatpuri has electric trip sheds, with separate sheds for AC locos and AC/DC locos.[7]


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