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Igbo-Ora is a town in Oyo State, south-western Nigeria, situated 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Lagos. In 2001 the population of the town was approximately 60,000 people. The unusually large number of twin births in the region have earned the town the nickname Twin Capital of the World.

This phenomenon of a large number of twin births is not unique to Igbo-Ora; it has also been observed in the town of Kodinji in India and Cândido Godói in Brasil. In Igbo-Ora, research has suggested that the multiple births could be related to the eating habits of the women in the region.[1] Though no direct relation between dietary intake and twin births has been proved, a research study carried out at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital has suggested that a chemical found in Igbo-Ora women and the peelings of a widely consumed tuber (yams) could be responsible.

There is of course the possible explanation that the large number of twins being born here could simply be a matter of genetics.

The town today is the location of the newly established Oyo State College of Agriculture (since 2006). The College has contributed significantly to the socio-economic and demographic development of the town. The Oyo state government has just approved a High Court of Justice. The Federal governemnt is also said to have approved the location of a Police Training College in the town.

Important Personalities from Igbo-ora[edit]

  1. Late Chief Amos Olasupo Adegoke: Late Chief O. A. Adegoke was a philanthropist and a business man. He was until his death in May 2014 the Chairman/Chief Executive of Adegoke Motors Limited, Ibadan. He founded the Adegoke Nursing and Primary School, Igbo-ora. He was also a devoted christian.
  2. Late Dr. Nurudeen Olarinde: Late Alhaji Dr. Nurudeen Olarinde graduated from the University of Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1983. He was at different time the Oyo State Commissioner for Finance, Education and Economic Planning under different regimes, including the military. He was the chairman Nurib Petroleum Ibadan, before his demise in 2014.
  3. Late Franklin Ogunwale Kareem: The late Franklin Ogunwale Kareem attended the University of Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) and graduated in 1981. He was until his death the Principal of the premier high school in the town, the Igboora High School. He struggled to uphold high moral standard among the youths in the community. He died in 1997.
  4. Chief Adewole Ojo: Chief Adewole Ojo is a foremost community leader in Igboora and his leadership spanned 60years of uninterrupted political, religious and economic leadership. He is presently the chairman, Lajorun Development Association, a sectional community development movement in the town. He was once a member representing the community in the defunct national Assembly.
  5. Oba Oyewole Oyerogba: Oba Oyewole Oyerogba is the paramount ruler and the Olu of Igbooraland, though with restricted and contained powers over other autonomous localities. He has ruled the hitherto unknown town since 1975.
  6. Chief Saubana Muraina: A lawyer and politician. He has grown to be a philanthropist and at present, the member representing the community in the National House of Representative.
  7. Akinyemi Akinlabi: A former student leader, past Local government chairman and a leading progressive politician. He has bases both in Igboora and Miami, Floride, USA.
  8. Baale Soji Ojo
  9. Mr. Jamiu AbdulKareem
  10. Kolawole Bello

Schools in Igbo-ora[edit]

Oyo State College of Agriculture (Diploma-Awarding)

Igboora High School

Methodist Grammar School

Lajorun High School


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