Ignacy Oziewicz

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Ignacy Oziewicz (Polish pronunciation: [iɡˈnat͡sɨ ɔˈʑevit͡ʂ]; pseudonyms: Czesław, Czesławski, Netta, Jenczewski; 1887 – 1966) was a Polish military general. During the First World War, he served in the Russian Tsarist army in various NCO and officers' posts. In 1919, he joined the Polish Army.

During the September Campaign he commanded the 29th Infantry Division. After its defeat, he was interned in Lithuania. Later, he managed to escape from a camp and returned to Poland where he joined the underground movement.

Until arrested in 9 June 1943, he was the commandant of the National Armed Forces (NSZ). From 2 December 1942 he was negotiating the union of the NSZ with the Home Army (AK).

He was arrested by the Germans on 9 June 1943 and sent to Auschwitz and Flossenburg concentration camps; nevertheless he survived the war.

Honours and awards[edit]